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 Cast: Akhil Akkineni, Mammootty

 Director: Surender Reddy

Hey everyone, today I want to share my thoughts on the new Telugu movie, Agent, starring Akhil Akkineni, Mammootty, Dino Morea, and Sakshi Vaidya. The movie generated a lot of buzz with its promotional material and fans were eagerly waiting for its release. Unfortunately, the movie did not live up to the expectations set by the promotions. Here’s my review of Agent.c


P. Ramakrishna, also known as Rickey, a young man who wishes to be a spy but is repeatedly turned down by RAW, is the focus of the plot. Rickey is played by Akhil Akkineni. He gains attention by breaking into the RAW chief’s system and is then covertly assigned to a mission to track down God (Dino Morea), a figure who is plotting to destroy India. The plot of the film centres around Rickey’s quest to thwart God’s goal and his friendship with Mahadev, the RAW chief played by Mammootty.

Cast & Creaw

Role Name
Starring Akhil Akkineni, Mammootty, Dino Morea, Sakshi Vaidya
Director Surender Reddy
Producer Ramabrahmam Sunkara
Music Director Hip Hop Thamizha
Cinematography Rasool Ellore
Editor Naveen Nooli

Acting and Direction

The film’s shining point is Akhil Akkineni’s performance. In comparison to his past parts, he depicts an entirely different character arc and does so flawlessly. His action scenes are entertaining to see on a wide screen, and his efforts and character development are admirable. The portrayal played by Malayalam Megastar Mammootty is respectable and leaves the spectator wondering if he is a leader of RAW or a villain. Sakshi Vaidya has a cute appearance and a good on-screen chemistry with Akhil.

Plus Points

Fans of Akhil will appreciate the first half of the film since his character is surprising, eccentric, and entertaining. Both his exchange with Minister Jayadev (Sampath Raj) and the battle scene just before the interval merit praise. Surender Reddy, the director, makes the most of Akhil’s talent and lets the actor fully express his wide appeal.

Minus Points

The movie’s second half is a major letdown. The audience becomes bored as the plot becomes predictable and the script moves at a leisurely pace. The movie’s climax falls flat and lacks the emotional impact required to end it on a strong note. Many middle-budget films have better VFX than Agent, and the VFX in Agent is subpar. The movie’s pace is hampered by the song placement, and many of the characters have no bearing on the plot.

Technical Aspects

Akhil’s entire ability has been effectively utilised, and director Surender Reddy has done a great job of presenting him. The second half of the narrative, which should have been fairly captivating after the first, was poorly narrated by him. Hiphop Tamizha’s music and Rasool Ellore’s cinematography are both passable. Naveen Nooli should have cut out a lot of pointless scenes in the second half of the film since the editing may have been better. The quality of the production is good.


Overall, Agent is a subpar spy thriller that might interest fans of action films. The movie’s high points include Akhil’s performance and a few action moments, but the second half’s shoddy screenplay, a few ridiculous scenarios, and the goofy finale leave one bored. This weekend, if you enjoy action films, you can watch this one.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this review helps you decide whether to watch or not to watch Agent!

Note: It’s important to note that watching pirated movies is illegal and can result in serious consequences. As for the movie “Agent,” we encourage our audience to watch it through legal means and support the hard work of the cast and crew behind it. Let’s all do our part to combat piracy and promote a healthy and sustainable film industry.

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