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 Cast: Abhiram Daggubati, Geethika

 Director: Teja


Welcome back, movie lovers! Today, we delve into the world of “Ahimsa,” a Telugu movie that hit the screens on June 2, 2023. This vengeance thriller, which Teja directed, promises to enthral viewers with its gripping plot and impressive acting. Let’s take a closer look to see if “Ahimsa” lives up to expectations or fails to do so.

Cast and Crew

Name Role Social Links
Abhiram Daggubati Actor https://www.instagram.com/abhiramdaggubati/
Geethika (as Geethika Tiwary) Actress https://www.instagram.com/geethika_tiwary/
Sada Actress https://www.instagram.com/sada_siva_/
Rajat Bedi Actor https://www.instagram.com/rajatbedi/
Kamal Kamaraju Actor https://www.instagram.com/kamal_kamaraju/
Bindu Chandramouli Actress https://www.instagram.com/binduchandramouli/
Kalpalatha Actress https://www.instagram.com/kalpalatha_official/
Ravi Kale Actor https://www.instagram.com/ravikaleofficial/


The plot of “Ahimsa” centres on the lives of cousins Raghu and Ahalya, who have divergent views on violence. Ahalya tragically becomes a victim of a horrific crime, being raped by affluent people. Raghu is motivated to seek justice for his relative by this terrible occurrence. The movie examines Raghu’s moral quandary as he mulls using violence as retaliation while closely monitoring the criminals’ behaviour.


The film features an impressive debut performance by Abhiram Daggubati and Geethika Tiwary’s portrayal of Ahalya adds energy and depth. Sada’s role as Lawyer Lakshmi is also commendable. Sameer Reddy’s cinematography, particularly in the court scenes, is visually appealing, and RP Patnaik’s soundtrack enhances the emotional quotient of the film.

There are certain disadvantages, though. The acting abilities of Abhiram Daggubati can yet be developed and improved. Particularly in the second half, the plot is predictable and lacks the required twists and turns. The antagonist and the defence attorney are two examples of underdeveloped, flat characters. The solemn tone is occasionally broken by scenarios like pointless comedic segments and a special song. The second half’s background music, composed by Anup Rubens, falls flat and underwhelms the audience.

The movie, although showcasing some great talent, falls short in terms of plot and certain executional details.


Q: Is “Ahimsa” worth watching despite its drawbacks?
A: Even if “Ahimsa” has shortcomings, it nevertheless has certain advantages. If you enjoy watching dramas about retribution and want to see Abhiram Daggubati in his acting debut.

might be worth a watch.

Q: Does “Ahimsa” deliver a gripping screenplay?
A: Unfortunately, the storyline of the movie is not engaging enough to keep the audience’s interest throughout.

Q: What sets “Ahimsa” apart from other revenge dramas?
A: “Ahimsa” makes an effort to examine the moral conundrum the protagonist encounters when pursuing justice. But the execution is poor, and the story isn’t interesting enough for the movie to stand out.


In conclusion, “Ahimsa” makes an effort to create a suspenseful vengeance drama but ultimately falls short of its goals. Although Abhiram Daggubati’s first performance demonstrates potential, the film’s shoddy production undermines its effect. The experience is hampered by the predictable plot, underwritten characters, and disruptive events. The storyline for “Ahimsa” should have been more interesting, and the direction could have been better. You could still find delight in “Ahimsa” if you’re a lover of the genre or curious to see Abhiram’s acting debut, but don’t anticipate it leaving a lasting effect.


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