Asalu Movie Review: A Promising Crime Thriller (IBOMMA)




 Cast: Poorna, Ravi Babu


 Director: Ravi Babu

Asalu Movie: Ravi Babu is a filmmaker whose distinct approach to filming never fails to astound his audience. He is a master of all genres, from comedy drama to crime suspense thrillers. In addition to his popular crime thrillers “Anasuya,” “Aavunu,” and “Amaravati,” Ravi Babu has returned with the intriguing crime thriller.



The audience has been responding favourably to the recently released “Asalu” trailer. In the trailer, a strong police officer is shown being tasked with solving a horrific murder. Four persons are under suspicion, and the movie investigates their connections as well as the murder’s hidden motives. Asalu appears to be another one of Ravi Babu’s suspenseful films, which are well renowned for them.


As an OTT release, “Asalu” will be available to view on ETV Win. However, the latest warning from the producers urging viewers to use appropriate caution while watching the movie has raised the bar for the picture.

Poorna’s Return:

‘Asalu’ marks the return of actress Poorna, who previously collaborated with filmmaker Ravi Babu on the ‘Avunu’ series. The anticipation is increased by her appearance in the movie.

The ‘A’ Series:

Allari, Anasuya, Amaravati, and Aavunu are interestingly the first letters of Ravi Babu’s criminal thriller films (1,2). This pattern is continued in the name of his most recent film, “Asalu.”

Release Date:

The film was initially expected to release on OTT on April 5, but the makers have now officially announced that it will be released on April 13.


‘Asalu’ looks to be a riveting watch given Ravi Babu’s track record in crime suspense thrillers. The audience’s attention has already been sparked by the trailer, and with Poorna’s comeback and the producers’ warning, the anticipation has only grown. This one is not to be missed by fans of the genre.


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