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Bichagadu 2

Bichagadu 2


 Cast: Vijay Antony, Kavya Thapar

 Director: Vijay Antony


Welcome, movie enthusiasts, to another exciting review from ibomma! Today, we dive into the world of “Bichagadu 2,” the much-anticipated standalone sequel to the 2016 blockbuster, “Bichagadu.” “Bichagadu-2” is directed by Vijay Antony, who also makes his directorial debut with this movie. It has gained a lot of attention because to its unique advertising material. This movie, scheduled for release on May 19, 2023, promises to be an exciting cinematic experience. Examining the specifics will help us determine whether it lives up to the hype.

Cast and Crew

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We follow Vijay Gurumurthy’s (Vijay Antony’s) journey in “Bichagadu 2,” who is portrayed as India’s seventh-richest individual. Vijay faces a horrible end when he is murdered for his fortune by his buddy and coworker Aravind (Dev Gill) and his gang. However, Satya, a beggar seeking retribution who is also played by Vijay Antony, takes over for Vijay’s brain. What precisely is the Anti Bikili project before Satya starts it? What made Satya want to get revenge on Aravind and the others? The core of the movie revolves around unravelling the answers to these questions.

Plus Points

With “Bichagadu 2” being the follow-up to the immensely successful “Bichagadu,” there are incredibly high expectations for the film. It’s significant to highlight that this is a standalone sequel that offers a unique experience, according to the creators.

Particularly in the opening hour of the movie, Vijay Antony’s directing abilities are impressive. The plot is interesting, and the first 30 minutes of the film are very captivating, establishing the tone for the remainder of the picture.

Vijay Antony gives a good acting effort, and the dramatic climax sequence is when he really excels.

Supporting performers like John Vijay, Hareesh Peradi, and Dev Gill give good performances. The film’s production qualities are excellent, and the dubbing perfectly complements the Telugu plot to give it a genuine sense.

Minus Points

Although the plot is intriguing, Vijay Antony does not narrate it as compellingly in the second half. The audience may have been left wanting more with a stronger screenplay that maintained the same level of intensity as the first half.

The Anti-Bikili project’s premise is promising, but it might have been done better. When presenting the scenes for this project, the filmmaker uses some artistic licence that some viewers could find lacking.

The movie doesn’t give Kavya Thapar’s character much of a presence, and it’s still unclear what made her agree to play this part. The audience is not moved by the emotional depth present in “Bichagadu” or by the emotional passages between Satya and his sister Rani.

Vijay Antony’s songs are forgettable, and stars like Yogi Babu’s casting don’t do much to improve the overall quality of the picture. Observing Satya’s look more closely may have improved the overall effect.

Technical Aspects

For his numerous contributions to the movie, Vijay Antony merits praise. He wrote the script, edited the movie, and created the soundtrack in addition to directing it. The second half of the movie may have had a more accomplished screenplay, which would have increased viewer interest.

The film’s soundtrack is commendable, and Om Narayan’s cinematography gives it a visually pleasing element. The Telugu language in Basha are passable, and the high-quality production qualities make for a pleasurable experience on the big screen. To keep the tempo steady, the editing may have been improved, especially in the second half.


In conclusion, “Bichagadu 2” is a film that mostly works but has certain flaws. The film’s strengths include the interesting plot, Vijay Antony’s acting, and the intense finale. The audio album and a few boring sequences, though, render “Bichagadu 2” an okay film to see this weekend. It is best to see the movie with realistic expectations.

ibomma Rating: 2.75/5

Reviewed by ibomma Team


Q: Is “Bichagadu 2” a continuation of “Bichagadu”?

A: Not at all; “Bichagadu 2” is a stand-alone sequel with a distinctive plot and experience. It does not directly follow the first movie.

Q: How is Vijay Antony’s performance as a first-time director?

A: In the opening hour of the movie, Vijay Antony makes a strong impression in his first-ever directing effort. His excellent camerawork abilities show off his artistic diversity.

Q: Are the songs composed by Vijay Antony memorable?

A: Unfortunately, the songs in “Bichagadu 2” are forgettable and fail to leave a lasting impact on the audience.

Q: Does Kavya Thapar’s character play a significant role in the movie?

A: No, Kavya Thapar’s role in the larger story is unimportant. It’s still mystifying why she consented to play this part, given how little of an impact she actually had.

Q: Does “Bichagadu 2” live up to the expectations set by its predecessor?

A: The effect of “Bichagadu 2” is not as strong as that of its smash predecessor, although having its moments. Before seeing the movie, it’s a good idea to manage your expectations.

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