Bomma blockbuster movie

Bomma blockbuster

Bomma blockbuster


 Cast: Nandu, Rashmi Gautam

 Director: Raj Virat

Are you a fan of Telugu movies? If so, you might be interested in the latest release, Bomma Blockbuster. Directed by Raj Virat, this 2023 Telugu film features an ensemble cast including Nandu, Rashmi Gautam, Kireeti, and Vijay Krishna. The story revolves around a fisherman named Pothuraju, whose lifelong dream is to have the renowned director Puri Jagannath create a movie based on his life. As Pothuraju pursues his dream, he uncovers life-altering secrets about his own family and himself.

Mixed Reviews and Audience Reception

Like any movie, Bomma Blockbuster has received mixed reviews from critics. While some have applauded the movie’s humor and performances, others have criticized its slow pace and predictable plot. It’s essential to consider these varying opinions before deciding whether or not to watch the film.

Downloading Bomma Blockbuster from Ibomma: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re interested in watching Bomma Blockbuster, you’ll be pleased to know that the movie is available for download on the Ibomma website. However, it’s crucial to note that downloading movies from Ibomma or any other unauthorized sources may be illegal in certain countries. Always ensure you comply with the laws and regulations regarding copyright infringement in your jurisdiction. With that said, here’s a simple guide to downloading the movie from Ibomma:

  1. Visit the Ibomma website.
  2. Navigate to the “Movies” section.
  3. Search for “Bomma Blockbuster” in the provided search bar.
  4. Once you find the movie, click on the “Download” button.
  5. The movie will then be downloaded to your computer or the device you are using.

Reviews of Bomma Blockbuster: Opinions Vary

To give you a better idea of what to expect, here are snippets from a few reviews of Bomma Blockbuster:

  1. Bomma Blockbuster is a pleasant and exciting movie with some fantastic performances, according to The Times of India. As Pothuraju, Nandu is humorous, and Rashmi Gautam is gorgeous as his love interest. Even if the movie has some dull spots, the humour and touching scenes make up for it.
  2. The Hindu: “Bomma Blockbuster is a predictable and formulaic movie, but it is still enjoyable. The performances are good, and the humor is effective. If you are looking for a light and entertaining Telugu movie, then you may want to check out Bomma Blockbuster.”
  3. Firstpost: “The movie Bomma Blockbuster is unsatisfying. The narrative is predictable, the acting is poor, and the humour is forced. This movie is not something I would suggest to anyone.

As you can see, opinions on the movie vary significantly. While some reviewers found it to be fun and entertaining, others were disappointed by its shortcomings. It’s always a good idea to read multiple reviews and consider your own preferences before making a decision.


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  • Director: Raj Virat
  • Producer: D. Suresh Babu
  • Writer: Venu Madhav
  • Music Director: Raghu Kunche

In Conclusion

Bomma Blockbuster offers a mix of entertaining moments and flaws. If you’re a dedicated fan of Telugu movies, it might be worth giving it a watch. However, if you’re seeking a truly outstanding cinematic experience, you may want to explore other options. Remember to watch movies through legal and authorized platforms to support the industry and respect copyright laws. Enjoy your movie-watching journey!

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