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Boyfriend For Hire

Boyfriend For Hire


 Cast: Viswant Duddumpudi, Malavika

 Director: Kambhampati Santosh

As Arjun works as a boyfriend for hire and strives to understand women, the movie Boyfriend for Hire investigates what men and women want from each other. It succeeds as a romantic comedy because of its engaging aesthetic, skillful acting, innovative plot, and catchy melodies.

Boyfriend For Hire Movie Review:

Arjun, an eligible bachelor who becomes a Boyfriend for Hire and is in high demand among girls, is the centre of the romantic comedy Arjun for Hire. He meets Divya, a stunning woman who hires him to address a challenge. The rest of the plot is around Arjun’s quest to locate the ideal spouse while being aware of women’s expectations. The movie analyses what men and women want from each other.


Malavika Satheesan as Divya and Viswant Duddumpudi as Arjun both give amazing performances. Malavika does a wonderful job in her role, and Viswant seems to be having fun while playing Arjun. In their various roles, the other cast members, which also includes Pooja Ramachandran, Madhunandhan, Sivannarayana, Roopa Laxmi, Harsha Vardhan, Raja Ravindra, Sudharshan, and others, perform a terrific job as well.

Storytelling and Screenplay:

Santosh Kambhampati, the film’s director, examines the age-old issue of what men and women want from one another. The subject of the first half of the film is Arjun’s character growth and his quest to comprehend women’s expectations. Although it is vividly and humorously narrated, there are a few small continuity errors and clichés to be aware of. The second part of the story’s twist introduces the opposite, equally compelling side of the narrative.

Direction and Cinematography:

Santosh Kambhampati is the film’s writer and director. Bala Saraswathi handled the photography, Gopi Sundar handled the music, Vijay Vardhan Kavuri handled the editing, and Vijay Prakash handled the choreography. The film is given colour and depth by the cinematography of Bala Saraswathi and the music of Gopi Sundar. One of the most popular songs is “Neevevvaro,” sung by Chinmayi.


Overall, Boyfriend for Hire is a romantic comedy that is more visually appealing than it is intellectually stimulating. It is a good choice for a romantic comedy movie night because to its bright aesthetic, skilled acting, innovative plot, and catchy music. Even if the movie has its faults, it is still worth seeing.


Directed byKambhampati Santosh
Writing CreditsVenu Madhav Peddi
Kambhampati Santosh (writer)
Cast (in credits order)
Viswant DuddumpudiViswant Duddumpudi (as Arjun)
Malavika SatheesanMalavika Satheesan (as Divya)
Pooja RamachandranPooja Ramachandran (as Natasha)
HarshavardhanHarshavardhan (as Arjun’s uncle)
Vs Roopa LakshmiVs Roopa Lakshmi
Sivannarayana NaripeddiSivannarayana Naripeddi
Raja RavindraRaja Ravindra
Nellore SudharshanNellore Sudharshan
Vikram VeramaneniVikram Veramaneni

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