Butta Bomma ibomma Movie

Butta Bomma ibomma

Butta Bomma


 Cast: Anikha Surendran, Arjun Das

 Director: Shouree Chandrasekhar

Butta Bomma ibomma: Shouree Chandrasekhar T. Ramesh’s Telugu adaptation of the Malayalam film “Kappela” is a romantic thriller that transports the audience on an emotional journey. The movie conveys a strong message to the audience with a compelling plot, top-notch acting, and a stunning backdrop.

Butta Bomma ibomma Review:

The story centres on Satya, a teenage girl from a middle-class family who lives in a tiny village. She accidentally calls Murali one day, and their ongoing discussions spark a budding romance. However, a character by the name of RK foils their plans when they choose to meet in Vizag. The movie then takes a dramatic turn, with a number of unanticipated twists and turns.


The film’s Butta Bomma ibomma three main performers, Anikha Surendran, Surya Vashishtha, and Arjun Das, turned up outstanding performances that won praise from the reviewers. Anikha did a remarkable job portraying Satya, and her warm and down-to-earth demeanour added to the character’s believability. Both Surya Vashishtha’s performance as Murali and Arjun Das’s delivery left a lasting impression on the audience.

Direction and Writing:

The dialogue and direction by Ganesh Kumar Ravuri and Shouree Chandrasekhar T. Ramesh were excellent, and the tale moved from scene to scene with ease. Butta Bomma ibomma film, Beautiful shots of the village and Vizag added to the entire viewing experience. The setting of the film was lovely.


In addition to being a fun movie, Kappela Telugu Remake also leaves the viewer with a powerful message. The movie emphasises the value of exercising caution in our relationships and the negative effects of having blind faith in others.


In general, audiences will get a lasting impression of Kappela Telugu Remake. It is a must-watch for fans of romantic thrillers since it has a compelling plot, top-notch acting, and a stunning location. The film’s lesson, which reminds us to be cautious in our relationships and to trust our instincts, is both topical and pertinent.

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