Dead Pixels Web-Series

Dead Pixels

Dead Pixels


 Cast: Niharika, Akshay

 Director: Aditya Mandala

Welcome back, gamers and web-series enthusiasts! Today, I have an exciting review lined up for you. We’ll be delving into the world of Dead-Pixels, a web-series that revolves around the lives of gamers. With a stellar cast and crew, this show has gained quite a buzz. So, let’s jump right in and explore the highs and lows of Dead Pixels.

Cast & Crew:

Before getting into the details of the plot and our analysis, let’s take a moment to recognise the great people who put this production together. The cast of Dead Pixels is outstanding.

Series Directed by Aditya Mandala
Series Writing Credits Akshay Poolla
Series Cast  
Niharika Konidela Gayathri
Akshay Lagusani Bhargav
Sai Ronak Roshan
Harsha Chemudu Anand
Bhavana Sagi Aishwarya
Rajeev Kanakala Bhargav’s Father
Bindu Chandramouli Bhargav’s Mother
Jayshree Rachakonda Roshan’s Mother
Series Produced by  
Saideep Reddy Borra Producer
Sameer Gogate Producer
Rohith Pisapati Executive Producer
Rahul Tamada Producer
Series Music by  
Sidharth Sadasivuni  
Series Cinematography by  
Fahad Abdul Majeed  
Series Film Editing by  
Srujana Adusumilli  
Series Script and Continuity Department  
Siddharth Hirwe Head Script Development

Plot Overview:

Gayatri (Niharika Konidela) and Bhargav (Akshay Lagosani), who live together and work for the same firm, are the focus of the narrative. Their buddy Pilot Anand (Harsha Chemudu), a fellow gamer whose life revolves on gaming, joins them. But the dynamics between Gayatri and Bhargav shift significantly with the introduction of Roshan (Sai Ronak), a new employee. Their housemate Aishwarya (Bhavna Sagi) thinks they are romantically involved, which is incorrect. We observe the crucial turning events that mould their lives as the tale progresses.


Niharika Konidela gives a standout performance as a strong female independent gamer. Her interpretation is contemporary and easy, giving the action and tragic events in the programme more depth. On television, Bhavna Sagi is radiant and performs her duties excellently. Through their excellent performances, Viva Harsha and Akshay Lagosani provide intricacy and humorous relief to the plot. Their superb timing and amusing conversation offer a welcome break. Last but not least, Niharika Konidela and Sai Ronak’s relationship is well portrayed, as is Sai Ronak’s impressive on-screen presence.


The series’ music by Siddhartha Sadashiv gives it a modern edge and enthrallingly elevates all the main scenes. The outstanding cinematography by Fahad Abdul Majeed captures the performances with a rich richness. His framing and camera stances give the entire production a new viewpoint. The show clearly reflects Tamada Media’s high production standards and production design. The set properties have been handled admirably by the art department.


Dead-Pixels, a six-episode series from director Aditya Mandala, expertly incorporates gaming into its plot. The plot is expertly handled and contains all the key components in the proper amounts. One issue, though, is that Viva Harsha and Bhargav’s characters aren’t used to their full comic relief potential. Despite this, digital audiences continue to find Dead Pixels to be a compelling watch.


In conclusion, Dead-Pixels is an engrossing web series based on video games that will appeal to both gamers and fans. The notion is effectively carried out, maintaining the entertainment value. This weekend, Dead Pixels is well worth your time thanks to its intriguing premise and well-rounded ensemble.

Rating: 3/5


Q: Where can I watch Dead Pixels?
A: Dead-Pixels is available for streaming on [platform name].

Q: How many episodes are there in Dead Pixels?
A: This movie consists of six episodes, each offering an immersive gaming experience.

Q: Can I watch Dead Pixels with my family?
A: Widely appealing humour and drama aspects can be found in Dead-Pixels. However, owing to certain themes and language, parental guidance is suggested.

Q: Will there be a second season of Dead Pixels?
A: As of now, there is no official confirmation regarding a second season. Stay tuned for updates!

Q: Is Dead Pixels only for gamers?
A: Despite its focus on the gaming industry, this series appeals to a wider audience, including non-gamers because to its compelling plot and well-rounded characters.

Q: Is the soundtrack of Dead Pixels available?
A: Yes, you may stream Dead Pixels’ enthralling score on a variety of music streaming services. As you enter the Dead Pixels gaming universe, enjoy the music

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