I Love You Idiot Movie

I Love You Idiot

I Love You Idiot


 Cast: Sreleela, Viraat

 Director: R Chandru

I Love You Idiot is a predictable love story that lacks originality. Although Srileela and Virat make a good leading duo, the story’s central issue lacks depth.

I Love You Idiot Movie Review:

I Love You Idiot is a romantic love entertainer released on Aha OTT, starring Sreeleela and Virat. Directed by AP Arjun, the movie is a dubbed version of the Kannada film “Kiss.” In this movie review, we will discuss the storyline, performances, and overall impression of the film.


Nandini (Srileela), an architecture student, damages the car of wealthy young man Arjun (Virat) in a fit of anger against their college principal. To avoid paying for the repairs, Nandini agrees to work as Arjun’s assistant for 72 days. At first, she hates Arjun, but soon realizes his goodness and falls in love with him. However, when she discovers that Arjun doesn’t love her, she leaves him without a word. Arjun realizes the value of Nandini’s love after she leaves and goes to Ooty to find her. But Nandini claims not to know who he is. The rest of the story revolves around whether they reunite or not.


The movie I Love You Idiot follows the evergreen formula of bickering, misconceptions, and misunderstandings between lovers. Director AP Arjun has added fun and emotions to the couple’s love journey, presenting it from both the heroine’s and the hero’s point of view. The chemistry between Sreeleela and Virat is good, and their love story is well-received by the audience. However, the main conflict of the story lacks substance, and the reasons for the break-up seem silly. The director stretches out the daily serial, making the movie feel like two and a half hours of torture.


Sreeleela is currently the busiest heroine in Telugu, and her beauty and playful spirit in the film are well-received by the audience. On the other hand, Virat’s acting lacks naturalness and emotion, and he seems to struggle in emotional scenes, which sometimes end up being unintentionally comedic. Other than the main couple, the supporting characters come and go without much impact.


“I Love You Idiot” is a routine love story with no freshness, and its only redeeming qualities are Sreeleela’s beauty and the chemistry between the lead couple. It is evident that the film was dubbed in Telugu to cash in on the current demand for romantic entertainers. Overall, the movie may not be worth enduring two and a half hours of torture.

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