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 Cast: Santhosh Prathap, Lijesh

 Director: La. Rajkumar

Review: Hey there, fellow movie enthusiasts! Today, I’m here to share my thoughts on the latest Telugu dubbed series, “Jallikattu”, which is currently streaming on Aha.


This is a Tamil film directed by Vetrimaaran that is based on the same-named traditional bull-chasing sport. The show is set in Mullaiyoor, Tamil Nadu, and centres on the caste conflict that develops there after a man by the name of Paandi tames a zamindar’s bull during the Jallikattu festival.

Depiction of Jallikattu and Performances:

First of all, I must congratulate the filmmakers for their attempts to present this movie in an engaging way. The attention to detail in the sport is astounding, and regardless of little much screen time they receive, every actor has received extensive training, which is clear in their performances.

The camera technique used to capture the sport is fantastic, and the first episodes pique interest and neatly establish the plot. The comic track that appears in the fifth episode is a tremendous reprieve in this highly driven series, and the caste prejudice and situations linked to it are also beautifully shown.


Cast and crew:

Cast Role
Santhosh Prathap Paandi
Lijesh Chinna
Ammu Abirami Mangamma
Jaya Prakash Kandasamy
Madhav Jallikattu organiser
Suseenthiran Zamindar
Arumugam Bala Ponnambalam
Black Pandi Police officer
Riythvika Item song

Crew Role
Vetrimaaran Producer
La. Rajkumar Director
R. Velraj Cinematographer
Prathap Sound Designer
Santosh Narayanan Music Director
Hemamalini Editor
Thirumurugan Writer

Story and Plot Development:

The most of the time, the series proceeds slowly, and certain episodes are really dull, which lessens the effect of the show. Additionally, some of the subplots are poorly carved, which significantly lessens their effect. The programme grows increasingly predictable as the plot develops, and the last episode is hurried and more cinematic. The series may have been better, in my view, if it had been finished in 6-7 episodes.

Technical Aspects:

Regarding the technical elements, R. Velraj’s camerawork is excellent since he showed the sport in a variety of dimensions that gave viewers chills. The background soundtrack by Santosh Narayanan is extremely fantastic, and Prathap’s sound design is wonderful. Although the production quality are acceptable, the series might have been shortened by the editing staff.

Direction and Narrative:

The series’ direction by La. Rajkumar has been adequate. The presentation was let down by the sluggish tempo and unimpressive narration, despite the author’s clever connection of several themes to the Jallikattu sport, including the desire for power, love, and retribution.

Final Verdict and Conclusion:

In summary, This movie is a passable country drama to see. While some episodes are enjoyable, others are dull, and the plodding narration really hurts the show.

That’s my opinion about this series. How do you feel? Have you watched the show? Please share your opinions in the space provided below.


Q: What is “Jallikattu” series about?
A: The Telugu television series “Jallikattu” is based on the traditional sport of bull-chasing of the same name. The show is set in Mullaiyoor, Tamil Nadu, and centres on the caste conflict that develops there after a man by the name of Paandi tames a zamindar’s bull during the Jallikattu festival.

Q: Who produced “Jallikattu” series?
A: “Jallikattu” series is produced by Tamil star director Vetrimaaran.

Q: Who directed “Jallikattu” series?
A: “Jallikattu” series is directed by La. Rajkumar.

Q: Who is in the cast of “Jallikattu” series?
A: Santhosh Prathap, Lijesh, Ammu Abirami, Jaya Prakash, Madhav, Suseenthiran, Arumugam Bala, Black Pandi, Riythvika, and others make up the series’ cast.

Q: Is “Jallikattu” series worth watching?
A: Reviews of this series are conflicting. Others find it lacklustre and slow-paced, while others find it fascinating and compelling. The decision to watch it or not ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Q: Where can I watch “Jallikattu” series?
A: “Jallikattu” series is currently streaming on Aha, a Telugu streaming platform.


Without a doubt, we do not support or promote watching “Jallikattu” or any other film or television programme in a piracy or illegal manner. Piracy is a serious offence that can seriously harm the film industry and all of its stakeholders. We implore our viewers to watch The movie only on reputable streaming services and to do so in order to honour the labour of love and originality put forward by the creators of the film.

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