Men Too Movie Review

Men Too



 Cast: Naresh Agastya, Brahmaji

 Director: Srikanth G Reddy


Welcome, dear readers, to another exciting review from ibomma, your go-to source for the latest movie updates. Today, we dive into the world of “Men Too,” a Telugu film that has been making waves with its star-studded cast and intriguing promotional content. Directed by Srikanth G Reddy and produced by Mourya Siddavaram, this movie aims to shed light on an important issue. But does it succeed in its execution? Join us as we unravel the highs and lows of “Men Too.”

Release Date: May 26, 2023

Men Too ibomma Rating: 2.25/5

Cast and Crew


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    • Director: Srikanth G Reddy

    • Producer: Mourya Siddavaram

    • Director of Music: Elisha Praveen G and Osho Venkat

    • Cinematography: PC Mouli

    • Editor: Karthik Vunnava

Men Too Story

“Men Too” is a film that revolves around three friends—Aditya, Sanju, and Munna—who encounter Rahul, a former IT worker accused of harassment. The unexpected choices made by Rahul lead to a turning point in their lives, raising questions about his true responsibility for the alleged crime.

Naresh Agastya delivers a commendable performance, complemented by Mourya Siddavaram’s witty portrayal of Munna and Harsha Chemudu’s standout acting. However, the execution of the film’s serious subject matter in a humorous manner falls short, and the character development and exploration of key story points leave much to be desired.

The movie lacks memorable songs and fails to fully utilize the female roles, resulting in an underwhelming experience.

From a technical standpoint, the film struggles to make its important message engaging. While the camera work and music are passable, the script could have been better written to captivate audiences. The editing could have been tighter, and some unnecessary sequences could have been trimmed.

Despite acceptable production quality and a shorter running time, “Men Too” disappoints overall. It offers only a few amusing moments, primarily driven by Mourya’s humor and the performances of the main actors. With weak writing in the second half and pointless situations, it is advisable to lower expectations if choosing to watch this movie.

ibomma Rating: 2.25/5

Reviewed by the ibomma Team


Q: Is “Men Too” a must-watch film?
A: It falls short in delivering a compelling narrative, so it may not be a must-watch.

Q: Which performances stand out in the film?
A: Naresh Agastya and Mourya Siddavaram deliver noteworthy performances.

Q: Are the songs in the movie noteworthy?
A: Except for “It’s Her Choice,” the songs are not particularly impressive.

Q: How is the technical quality of the film?
A: The camera work is neat, but the editing could have been better.

Q: Does the film explore its main theme effectively?
A: The film fails to explore its main theme in an engaging manner.

Q: Are there unnecessary characters in the movie?
A: Yes, there are some unnecessary characters that could have been avoided.

Q: What is the ibomma rating for “Men Too”?
A: The ibomma rating for “Men Too” is 2.25/5.

Q: Is there sufficient scope for the female characters in the film?
A: No, the female characters have limited scope in the movie.

Q: How does the second half of the film compare to the first half?
A: The impact of the first half is not replicated in the second half of the screenplay, which may have been better.

Q: What good things can be said about “Men Too”?
A: The performances by the lead actors and some funny scenes provide moments of enjoyment.

Q: How does the film address the issue it aims to tackle?
A: The film attempts to address the issue humorously but falls short in execution.

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