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Nenu Student Sir

Nenu Student Sir


 Cast: Bellamkonda Ganesh, Avantika Dansai

 Director: Rakesh Uppalapati

Greetings, fellow movie enthusiasts! Today, I bring you the much-anticipated review of the Telugu film “Nenu Student Sir” directed by Rakesh Uppalapati. The plot of this film, which stars Bellamkonda Ganesh, Avantika Dasani, Samudrakhani, Sunil, and Srikanth Iyengar, centres around a lost iPhone 12 and its repercussions. Come with me as we explore the highlights and low points of our filmmaking endeavour.

Cast and Crew

Role Name Social Links
Directed by Rakesh Uppalapati N/A
Writing Credits Krishna Chaitanya N/A
Cast Bellamkonda Ganesh Babu Instagram
  Avantika Dasani Instagram
  Samuthirakani Twitter
  Gemini Suresh N/A
  Pramodini N/A
  Charandeep N/A
  Karthik Kevvu N/A

The Plot

The narrative centres on Subbarao, a college student who becomes involved in unforeseen events after his iPhone 12 disappears. Unfortunately, despite the enormous potential of this idea, the movie falls short of making the most of it.

Nenu Student Sir Review

    1. An extended first half

With the primary narrative not moving forward much in the first half of the film, it seems pointlessly drawn out. The plot is not improved by Bellamkonda Ganesh’s continuous talks regarding the stolen iPhone. Additionally lacking impact and feeling unconnected to the main action, the romance subplot and the comedic parts also lose some of their efficacy.

    1. Ups and Downs in the Second Half:

With Sunil’s persona introduced, the second half begins to show hints of progress as some much-needed freshness is introduced. The film’s overall tempo is hampered by the sluggish pace of the entire plot. Despite being meant to be suspenseful, the story twists compromise logic and are slowly disclosed, which lessens their impact.

    1. Background score and music:

Mahati Swara Sagar deserves praise for the music in “Nenu Student Sir.” Positive feelings are evoked by the song “Maye Maye,” which brilliantly displays the composer’s ability. The second half’s scenes are made more intense by the background music, which significantly improves the watching experience.

Cast Performance

Ganesh Bellamkonda:

Bellamkonda Ganesh has a terrific performance, switching from an innocent to a more sophisticated demeanour throughout the course of the first half. Unfortunately, the repetitious speech lessens his overall effect despite his excellent acting abilities.

Avantika Dasani:

The portrayal of Shruti Vasudevan by Avantika Dasani is quite mediocre. While she has promise, her lip syncing is a nuisance and detracts from her entire performance.

Sunil and Samudrakhani:

As can be expected, Samudrakhani portrays the commissioner expertly, demonstrating his experience in similar roles. Contrarily, Sunil provides the movie with much-needed humorous relief and a novel perspective.

Jabardast Ramprasad:

The character of Jabardast Ramprasad brings a new viewpoint to the plot. However, his presence has little influence because of the dearth of acting chances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is “Nenu Student Sir” worth watching in theaters?

I do not suggest seeing “Nenu Student Sir” at a theatre because of the way it was put together and how poorly it managed to live up to its promise. It fails to provide an engaging cinematic experience.

2. Does the film effectively utilize the concept of a lost iPhone?

Unfortunately, the film falls short of properly utilising its intriguing premise. The discourse regarding the stolen iPhone is brought up repeatedly, which detracts from the overall performance.

3. Are there any standout performances?

Bellamkonda Ganesh’s performance is noteworthy since it displays his brilliance and adaptability. Sunil also provides the movie with humorous relief, making it fun to watch.

4. Does the movie maintain a consistent pace throughout?

While the second half of the movie Nenu Student Sir shows a modest improvement, the first part feels overly drawn out. The movie’s tempo is, however, negatively impacted by the overall slowness of the story.


Although it has an intriguing idea, “Nenu Student Sir” falls short of its promise. The movie falls short of providing an engaging theatre experience due to its shoddy execution, drawn-out storyline, and disjointed subplots. Although it has its moments, I advise waiting for other viewing choices to really appreciate this Telugu movie.

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