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 Cast: Navdeep, Bindu Madhavi

 Director: Sri Prawin Kumar


Hey there, fellow cinephiles! Today, I’m here to share my thoughts on the latest Telugu web series, “Newsense Season 1.” This fascinating programme, created by the illustrious People Media Factory, tries to highlight the murky side of the media business. Newsense, a Sri Prawin Kumar-directed film with Navdeep and Bindu Madhavi in the key parts, is now available to stream on Aha. Let’s read the review and find out if it fulfils its promise.

Newsense Story:

Newsense, which takes place in the 2000s, centres on a team of stringers who work at the Madanapalle press club. These “stringers” take money from politicians and slant the news by deleting information or distributing untrue information. One of the stringers, Shiva (Navdeep), is adamant on getting rich no matter what the cost, including hurting other people. Neela (Bindu Madhavi), a reporter for a small news station, sparks his intense attraction. But things don’t go as planned when Edwin (Nanda Gopal), the new SI of Madanapalle, starts to annoy the stringers. The ramifications of their deeds are made clear as the story progresses.

Cast and Crew:

Before we delve further into the review, let’s take a look at the talented cast and crew behind Newsense Season 1:

Series Directed bySriprawin Kumar
Series Writing CreditsNeelam Jayasimha
Sriprawin Kumar
Priyadarshini Ram
Series CastRamesh Konambhotla
Manoj Muthyam
Bindhu Madhavi
Nalla Sridhar Reddy
Katta Anthony
Ganesh Thipparaju
Series Produced byRaviteja Dhamaka
Vivek Kuchibhotla
Sasikiran Narayana
T.G. Vishwa Prasad
Series Music bySuresh Bobblli
Series Cinematography byAnantnag Kavuri
Vedaraman Sankaran
Series Film Editing bySrinivas Bainaboyina
Series Art Direction byKiran Mamidi

Now, let’s dive into the review itself.

The Good:

The first episode of Newsense Season 1 exposes us to an intriguing idea. Exploring the murky underbelly of the media industry is a brave move that deserves praise in and of itself. The series contains some excellently written and well-designed scenarios that illuminate how the truth is bought and sold as well as how politicians take use of media professionals to hide their wrongdoings. The audience will undoubtedly be shocked by these scenes.

The series’s performance by Navdeep is nothing short of extraordinary. It’s encouraging to see a performer of his calibre take on such a complex and nuanced role. His acting exhibits maturity and nuance, perfectly capturing the spirit of his part. Despite having little on-screen time, Bindu Madhavi gives a polished performance that has an effect.

The introduction of Nanda Gopal as Edwin gives the story an intriguing turn. Despite having a minor role in the first season, he manages to capture the audience’s attention with his impassioned performance that is filled with sarcasm. The remaining cast members do admirably in their respective parts.

Areas for Improvement:

Newsense has a lot of potential, but the story doesn’t keep the viewer interested the entire time. This type of subject needs a script that is focused and compelling, with little room for the audience to breathe. Unfortunately, the series has several moments that drag and have poor pacing. It belongs to the group of television programmes that have intriguing idea but poor execution.

The idea of the stringers engaging in unethical behaviour for financial gain is introduced in the first episode.
The ensuing episodes, however, include repeated sequences rather than moving the plot along and only gain up speed in the last act. It’s frustrating how the first season ends since it doesn’t pique interest enough for the second. Even if there are a few nice passages here and there, they are few.

Technical Aspects:

The series is excellently complemented by the background music by Suresh Bobbili. Anantnag Kavuri, Vedaraman, and Prasanna did an excellent job of recreating the spirit of the 2000s with their cinematography. The artwork by Kiran Mamidi accurately captures the time period, and the production values are commendable. The editing crew, though, might have worked more to improve the tempo and get rid of extraneous latency.

The series’ direction by Sri Prawin Kumar is adequate. Priyadarshi Ram’s story has potential, but the script lacks the required bite. The series may have been improved by the director and screenwriter working together and taking a more narrowly focused approach to the plot. The exchanges are nevertheless well-written, and some of them are provocative.


Finally, Newsense Season 1 does a mediocre job at impressing. We are drawn in by Navdeep’s honest acting and a few memorable scenes. The narrative’s inconsistency and the film’s abrupt conclusion, however, lessen its overall effect. Newsense is nonetheless worth seeing despite its limitations because of the creators’ bold and sincere attempt to address such a timely topic.

FAQ Section:

Q: Where can I watch Newsense Season 1?
A: Newsense Season 1 is currently streaming on the OTT platform Aha.

Q: Who are the lead actors in Newsense?
A: Navdeep and Bindu Madhavi play the lead roles in Newsense Season 1.

Q: Is Newsense Season 1 based on a true story?
A: Despite exploring the murky side of the media business, Newsense Season 1 is not based on a real event.

Q: Will there be a second season of Newsense?
A: Yes, there will be a second season of Newsense, even though the finale of the first season may have left you wanting more.

Q: Can you give a brief overview of the storyline?
A:A bunch of stringers at the Madanapalle press club who fabricate news for their own benefit are the subject of Newsense Season 1. Their deeds and the repercussions they encounter are explored throughout the series. Rating: 2.75/5

Reviewed by ibomma Team

That’s all for today’s review! I hope you found it insightful. Happy streaming, and until next time, stay entertained!

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