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O Kala

O Kala


 Cast: Gaurish Yeleti, Roshini

 Director: Deepak Kolipaka

The narrative of a lady who begins her own business and encounters difficulties when a business partner cheats is told simply and directly in the. The O Kala movie does a fantastic job of handling the subject of depression and includes well-written dialogue.

O Kala Movie Review:

The protagonist of O Kala is a young woman named Harika Verma who decides to follow her goals and launch her own company against objections from her family members. When her business experiences a setback, she considers killing herself, but is prevented by a fortuitous encounter with Harsha, a well-known photographer who poses as an assistant director. The movie focuses on the adjustments Harsha makes in Harika’s life and the roles that his friend and girlfriend play.


The Deepak Kolipaka-directed film O Kala sensitively tackles its love sequences while telling its plot without any superfluous diversion. The movie makes a vital point about how girls should stand up for themselves and that suicide is not the answer. Ali’s comedy track is one of the movie’s weaknesses, but the way the director handled the depression issue deserves praise.

Cast and Crew:

The majority of the actors in the movie are rookies, and Gaurish Yeleti and Roshini stand out in their individual parts. Additionally excellent performances come from Prachi Thakkar, Raghav, and Devi Prasad, whose portrayal of Harika’s father stands out. Deepak Kolipaka was the director of the movie.

Production Value:

The production values of the movie are respectable; the budget was allocated as the scenario demanded. The film’s cinematography is excellent, but it might have used two or three big smash songs.


O Kala is a watchable film despite lacking surprises and intense feelings because to its strong direction, insightful dialogue, and respectable production standards. The movie has a solid message and is ideal for a weekend viewing.


O kala movie CastCrew
Gaurish YeletiDirector: Deepak Kolipaka
RoshiniProducer: Lakshmi Navya Motu Ru, Ranjith Kumar Kodali
Prachi ThakkarCinematography: Akhil Valloori
AliMusic: Nilesh Mandalapu
‘Viva’ Raghav
Devi Prasad
YouTuber Ravi Teja
Release Date: April 13, 2022

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