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Oh My Darling

Oh My Darling


 Cast: Anikha Surendran, Melvin G. Babu

 Director: Alfred D’ Samuel

Oh My Darling is a gripping Indian drama film that explores the challenges of doing what one’s heart tells them to do and the complexity of human relationships. It is a must-watch for everyone who enjoys gripping stories, interesting characters, and stunning cinematography.

Oh My Darling Movie Review:

Gitanjali Sinha’s engrossing drama film Oh My Darling is from India. The film examines the difficulties of following one’s heart and the intricacies of interpersonal relationships. The movie offers a detailed representation of the regional customs and traditions against the backdrop of the stunning Indian state of Bihar. It follows the tale of Ritu and Arvind, a young couple from very different cultural backgrounds, who fall in love.


The two main characters’ representations are where the movie excels. Ritu is a strong-willed, independent lady who defies social standards. Rituparna Sengupta plays Ritu. Govind Namdev portrays Arvind, a caring guy conflicted between his love for Ritu and his responsibility to his family.


A young man from the same village as Ritu, a city girl, falls in love with her when she visits her home village. Their family, who have strong prejudices against their love due to caste and societal expectations, oppose it. The film tells a gripping and moving tale of the couple’s struggles to get through the challenges that stand in their way.

Direction and Cinematography:

The speed of the film Oh My Darling is excellent, and Sinha did an excellent job of directing. The panoramic magnificence of the area is beautifully captured by the cinematography. Beautiful pictures of the village and its surroundings add to the overall mood and tone of the movie.


Soulful music enhances the story’s emotional complexity. The songs are artistically composed and support the storyline of the movie.

Final Verdict:

Oh My Darling is an all-around lovely and touching movie that examines the universal concept of love and its capacity to cross all barriers. Anyone who like skillful storytelling and subtle performances must watch it. The film is an engaging cinematic experience thanks to its compelling characters, well-paced direction, breathtaking photography, and heartfelt music.


Oh My Darling CastRole
Johny AntonyGeorge
Melvin G. BabuJoyal
Dain DavisVineeth
Shaju K.S.
Fukru KrishnajeevArun
Archana Menon
Manju PillaiMeritta
Manoj Sreekanta
Anikha SurendranJeni
Oh My Darling CrewRole
Alfred D’ SamuelDirector
Jineesh K. JoyWriter (Screenplay)
Vinod S.Executive Producer
Manoj SreekantaProducer
Shaan RahmanMusic
Ansar ShahCinematography
Lijo PaulFilm Editing
Anish GopalArt Direction
Costume Design

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