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Ottu Movie Review Telugu



 Cast: Arvind Swami, Kunchako Boban

 Director: Fellini T.P.

Ottu Movie Review Telugu: The eagerly anticipated Malayalam thriller Ottu, directed by T.P. Fellini and S. Sanjeev, will be released in September 2022. Arya and Shaji Nadesan are the producers of the film under the banners of August Cinema and Cineholix. Arvind Swami, Kunchako Boban, Jackie Shroff, Eesha Rebba, Adukalam Naren, Amalda Liz, Jins Baskar, Siyad Yadu, Aneesh Gopal, Laban Ranae, and Sreekumar Menon are among the ensemble cast members of Ottu.

Overview :

Ottu Movie Review Telugu: The story centres on Kichu (Kunchako Boban), a neurosurgeon who is ordered to help David (Arvind Swami), the right-hand man of a deceased underworld lord named Assainar, regain his memories. The movie follows Kichu as he tries to fix David’s memory and figure out what happened to Assainar.

Ottu Movie Cast

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Ottu Movie Review Telugu:

Fans of the thriller subgenre have been eagerly awaiting Ottu, and critics have given it favourable reviews. There are some excellent performances by the performers and visually breathtaking parts in the film. It lacks in a few other aspects, however, which keeps it from being a fantastic film.

The movie takes its time developing the plot, which might not be to everyone’s taste. The film’s amazing twist, however, is revealed in the final 15 minutes, keeping you on the edge of your seat. However, the audience may have lost interest by the time the revelation arrives since it is too late.

The relationship between Arvind Swami and Kunchako Boban, the key actors, is one of the elements that helps the movie. Although they give excellent performances, the writing does not do their abilities justice. With the exception of a few notable ones, the dialogues lack inspiration, and the musical interludes add little to the overall enjoyment.

The action scenes in the film, particularly the fight scenes, are simplistic and illogical and have a B-movie feel to them. Given the great actors and huge budget that the filmmakers possessed, the lack of attention to detail in these moments is remarkable.

Final Verdict

Ottu is an interesting film overall, but it could have been even better if the narrative had been tighter and the action scenes had been given more consideration. The cast gives outstanding performances, and the film has its moments. It is not, however, a truly outstanding suspense film.

Ottu Movie Review Telugu: Ottu is worth watching if you’re a lover of the genre, but if you’re hoping for a film that would make you gasp for air, this one might not be for you.

Rating: 3/5

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