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 Cast: Pavani Karanam, Muralidhar

 Director: Rupak Ronaldson

Pareshan Review

A Telugu film titled “Pareshan” was produced by Rana Daggubati’s Spirit Media and directed by Rupak Ronaldson. The movie follows the lives of Isaac and his pals who are unemployed in the Telangana hamlet of Singareni. This article examines the movie’s story, performances, and overall influence.

A Village Full of Idleness and Romance

Isaac and his pals, who live indolent lives in the hamlet, are the focus of the story “Pareshan”. They drink, hang around with the charming Tiger Seenu anna, and pursue love relationships with the village females as part of their everyday routine. The suspense in the story is increased by Isaac’s father’s disapproval of his son’s laziness and his advice to get a job.

Cast & Crew

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🎬 Directed by:
👨‍💼 Rupak Ronaldson

📝 Writing Credits (in alphabetical order):
👨‍💼 Rupak Ronaldson

🎥 Produced by:
👨‍🎨 Rana Daggubati
🕺 Vincent Praveen … line producer

🎵 Music by: Yashwanth Nag

📸 Cinematography by: Vasu

A Costly Mistake and a Love Story

When Isaac accidentally sends his buddy Sathi money meant for his uncle, the story takes an unusual turn. Sathi desperately needs the money to pay for a family member’s procedure, which has a number of unanticipated effects. In the middle of these things, Isaac begins to fall in love with Sireesha. However, when Sireesha fears she could be pregnant, their relationship faces difficulties.

Engaging Comedy and Relatable Characters

With its humorous moments and recognisable characters, the opening half of “Pareshan” enthrals viewers. Thiruveer, who plays the major part, puts on an outstanding performance, assisted by a skilled ensemble cast that convincingly captures rural life. Yashwanth Nag’s music for the film contributes to the regional flavour and improves the story’s setting.

Shortcomings in the Second Half

Unfortunately, the film’s second half lacks a strong plot. It doesn’t have the right turns and twists to distinguish itself as a memorable comedy. Although the film provides glimpses of everyday village activities like wedding festivities and church services, its shoddy narrative prevents it from having a lasting impression.

Showcasing Village Life through Comedy

In conclusion, “Pareshan” makes an effort to portray rural life via a humorous perspective. It emphasises the difficulties Isaac and his companions encounter while navigating unforeseen circumstances. The movie is entertaining at times and portrays the essence of village life, but it lacks in plot and leaves viewers with little to remember it by.


Q: Who directed the movie “Pareshan”?
A: The movie was directed by Rupak Ronaldson.

Q: Who presented the movie “Pareshan”?
A: “Pareshan” was presented by Rana Daggubati’s Spirit Media.

Q: Where is the setting of the movie “Pareshan”?
A: The movie is set in the village of Singareni, Telangana.

Q: What is the main storyline of “Pareshan”?
A: “Pareshan” chronicles Isaac and his group of unemployed friends’ daily lives in the hamlet as well as the difficulties they encounter when unforeseen circumstances happen.

Q: How would you describe the first half of the movie?
A: The first half of “Pareshan” engages viewers with hilarious moments and relatable characters.

Q: Who delivered a noteworthy performance in the lead role?
A: Thiruveer delivered a noteworthy performance in the lead role of Isaac.

Q: Does the second half of the movie meet expectations?
A: Unfortunately, the second half of the film falls short, lacking the necessary twists and turns to make it a standout comedy.

Q: Does “Pareshan” leave a lasting impression on viewers?
A: Despite offering glimpses into typical village experiences, “Pareshan” fails to leave a lasting impact due to its weak narrative.

Q: What is the overall assessment of “Pareshan”?
A: “Pareshan” makes an effort to depict village life via a comic perspective, with amusing moments and likeable people, but it lacks in plot and leaves the viewer with nothing to remember.

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