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 Cast: Vijay Dharan, Meghana

 Director: Mahipal Reddy

Hey there, my lovely readers! Today, I want to talk about a new Telugu film that has been making waves in the industry – Poster movie. The film, directed by TMR, released in theatres recently and has been garnering mixed reviews from the audience. So, let’s dive right into my review and see if this film is worth your time and money.

Cast and Crew

Before we get into the story and performances, let’s take a quick look at the cast and crew of Poster:

Film Title Poster Movie (2021)
Directed by MahipalReddy
Writing Credits Tmr
Vijay Dharan Datla Hero (voice)
Raashi Singh Heroine (as Rashi Singh)
Akshata Sonawane (credit only)
Shivaji Raja  
Madhu Mani  
Kasi Vishwanath  
Ram Raju  
Produced by  
GangaReddy producer
MahipalReddy producer
Reddy producer
ShekharReddy producer
Music by Sandy Addanki
Cinematography by Rahul
Film Editing by Marthand K. Venkatesh

Storyline and Performances

The plot of the poster movie centres on Srinu (Vijay Dharan), a young guy who develops feelings for Meghana (Akshata), the daughter of Peddi Reddy, the theatre owner. When Peddi Reddy finds out about Srinu’s affair with Meghana, things start to go south for Srinu and his new employer. The movie explores how Srinu’s life changes after leaving his home and whether his love story with Meghana is successful after he is insulted and kicked out.

With his amazing performance as Srinu, Vijay Dharan steals the show, and Akshata’s portrayal as Meghana is charming. Additionally, the supporting cast does their parts justice. The story and music in the movie are both strong qualities.

The film’s slow narrative, which causes a lag in between, is a negative, too. The efforts made by TMR to tell the story are evident on the screen, which makes the movie watchable.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Poster:

Q. Who directed Poster movie?

A. Poster is directed by TMR.

Q. Who produced Poster?

A. T Mahipal Reddy and Sekhar Reddy produced Poster.

Q. Who stars in Poster?

A. Poster stars Vijay Dharan, Akshata, and Peddi Reddy.


In conclusion, Poster movie receives a 2.5 out of 5 rating and is a one-time watch movie. TMR made a commendable effort for his directorial debut, and the performances and plot make it interesting to watch. However, not everyone may enjoy the slow narration. Therefore, give Poster a shot and let us know what you think if you’re looking for a fresh Telugu movie to watch!

Absolutely! I want to add a small disclaimer as a responsible blogger. No type of piracy is supported or encouraged by us. The film business puts a lot of effort into producing high-quality entertainment for our enjoyment, therefore it’s important to support them by only watching films in legal and ethical ways. Please support the cast and crew’s effort and commitment by only watching Poster from reputable sources.

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