Rules Ranjann Movie (2023): The Unbreakable Spirit

Rules Ranjann Movie

Rules Ranjann


Cast: Kiran Abbavaram, Neha

Rules Ranjann Movie is a recent Telugu film that debuted on October 6, 2023. Rathinam Krishna, who also wrote and directed Raahu in 2021 and Vennela in 2022, is the film’s writer and director.

Rules Ranjann Movie (2023)

The film Rules Ranjann was produced by Divyang Lavania, AM Rathnam, Murali Krishnaa Veturi, Divyang Lavania, and Rinkhu Kukreja and is based on an original story. M.S.Dulip Kumar handled the film’s photography, and Prasad G handled the editing. Amrish composed the soundtrack for the film.

The production companies of the movie are Starlight Entertainment and Sri Thenandal Films, and the movie is distributed by Shree Venkateswara Cine Creations (Hindi), Dil Raju Productions (Telugu), Sri Venkateswara Cine Creations (Telugu), and Shree Venkateswara Cine Creations (Kannada).

The official runtime of the movie is 122 minutes, and the reported budget of the movie is ₹15 crores. The main characters from the movie are Kiran Abbavaram as Manoranjan (Ranjann), Neha Shetty as Sana, Meher Chahal as Shreya, Vennela Kishore as Ajay, Subbaraju as Ranjann’s father, and Hyper Aadi as Ranjann’s friend. There is a total of 6 songs from the movie.

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Rules Ranjann Movie Songs

The debut song from the movie is “Naalo Nene Lenu” sung by Sarath Santhosh with a length of 4:22. “Sammohanuda” sung by Shreya Ghoshal, is the second song from the film and lasts 4:15.

“Dhekho Mumbai” sung by Adnan Sami and Payal Dev, has a duration of 4:30 and is the third song from the film. “Huppa Huiya”, the fourth song from the film, is performed by Shreya Ghoshal and has a duration of 4:05. “Ram Siya Ram” Music, the film’s fifth and final song, is performed by Amrish and lasts 4:25. These songs from the film together run for 22:00.

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Rules Ranjann Movie Release Date & Collection

Rules Ranjann is a romantic comedy movie that follows the story of a rule-bound man who falls in love with a free-spirited woman. It was released on October 6, 2023 and received mixed reviews from critics.

The film features Kiran Abbavaram, Neha Shetty, and Vennela Kishore in key roles, delivering commendable performances. The movie’s direction and writing were highly praised for their engaging story and realistic characters, adding to the overall appeal of the film.

With a runtime of 122 minutes, Rules Ranjann captivated audiences with its refreshing take on the romantic comedy genre. It performed well at the box office, grossing ₹20 crores worldwide. Overall, Rules Ranjann is an entertaining and thought-provoking addition to the romantic comedy genre, offering unique elements and impressive performances.

Rules Ranjann Movie Cast & Crew

Movie NameRules Ranjann
Movie Release DateOctober 6, 2023
Movie Based onOriginal Story
Language OptionsTelugu
Genre ListRomantic Comedy
Movie QualityHD
Movie Star NameKiran Abbavaram, Neha Shetty, Vennela Kishore
Movie Running Time122 Minutes
Movie Director NameRathinam Krishna
Movie Producer NameDivyang Lavania, AM Rathnam, Murali Krishnaa Veturi, Divyang Lavania, Rinkhu Kukreja
Movie Music ByAmrish
Movie Cinematography NameM.S.Dulip Kumar
Movie Edited ByPrasad G
Movie Production Company NameStarlight Entertainment, Sri Thenandal Films
Movie Distributed ByShree Venkateswara Cine Creations (Hindi), Dil Raju Productions (Telugu), Sri Venkateswara Cine Creations (Telugu), Shree Venkateswara Cine Creations (Kannada)

Rules Ranjann Movie FAQs

Q: When will Rules Ranjann be released?

A: Rules Ranjann was released on October 6, 2023.

Q: Who wrote Rules Ranjann?

A: Rules Ranjann is written by Rathinam Krishna.

Q: Who directed Rules Ranjann?

A: Rules Ranjann is directed by Rathinam Krishna.

Q: Who produced Rules Ranjann?

A: Rules Ranjann is produced by Divyang Lavania, AM Rathnam, Murali Krishnaa Veturi, Divyang Lavania, and Rinkhu Kukreja.

Rules Ranjann Movie Budget

The producer of Rules Ranjann has not yet announced the projected budget, but according to rumors, the entire estimated budget of this film is believed to be about ₹15 crores.

According to the trailer, Rules Ranjann is now quite popular. If we go by the trailer, we may anticipate a large box office haul for this flick. Because the plot of this film is intriguing and is based on an original story.

Note: It is important to note that the budget of a film is not always a direct indicator of its success. Many low-budget films have been critical and commercial successes, while many high-budget films have failed.

Rules Ranjann Movie Review & Rating

Audiences and critics gave the film Rules Ranjann mixed reviews. On IMDb, 20,000 people rated this film 6.5 stars out of 10 stars, which are average ratings from viewers. On Rotten Tomatoes, 70 reviewers rated this movie 60%, and 80 users rated it 70%, resulting in mixed reviews from critics and positive reviews from audiences.

How to Watch Rules Ranjann Movie

The Rules Ranjann film is now in theaters in India. If you want to see it, you must travel to the nearest theater where the film is playing. You may use BookMyShow or Google Maps to discover the nearest theater where the film is playing and buy tickets online or in person. If you still can’t find a theater near you where the film is playing, you’ll have to wait till it’s available on an OTT platform.

Rules Ranjann Movie OTT Release

The OTT distribution rights of the movie were sold to Amazon Prime Video, and once the movie is launched on the platform, you only need to purchase an OTT subscription subscription to view and download the Rules Ranjann movie.

Please note that the OTT release date of the movie has not yet been announced.

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For instance, piracy can deny writers, musicians, and other artists the money they require to create new works. Additionally, it might cause viruses and other malicious software to proliferate.

We advise you to watch movies from a reputable and lawful source if you’re interested in doing so. There are numerous streaming services and renting sites that provide a huge selection of movies.

You can ensure that moviemakers receive fair compensation by encouraging the legal distribution of films.

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