Sridevi ShobanBabu in Ibomma

Sridevi ShobanBabu

Sridevi ShobanBabu


 Cast: Santosh Shobhan, Gouri G Kishan

 Director: Prasanth Kumar Dimmala

The characters of Sridevi ShobanBabu in the romantic comedy “Story” are Gouri G. Kishan and Santosh Shobhan, respectively. Even though the acting is strong, the movie occasionally drags due to its antiquated storyline, pointless comedy bits, and oversimplified emotional situations.

Sridevi ShobanBabu Movie Review:

Sridevi, a young fashion designer from Hyderabad, and Shoban Babu, a kind-hearted man from Anakapalli, are paired up in the romantic comedy “Story” Sridevi ShobanBabu and argue over a piece of real estate. By naming their lead actors after the late actors Shoban Babu and Sridevi, the producers pay homage to them.

Acting The roles of Sridevi ShobanBabu by Santosh Shobhan and Gouri G Kishan are well done. Santosh Shobhan’s portrayal of Shoban Babu serves as yet another example of his acting prowess, and Gouri G Kishan impresses with her upbeat and organised performance, excelling in both comedic and dramatic passages.

Storytelling and Screenplay :

All the actors, including Nagababu as Sridevi’s father and Rohini as Shoban Babu’s mother, do a fine job in their limited roles. Actors Mehboob Basha, Mohin, Nivedita Dolly, Venkatesh, Srinivas, Mrunalini, Sashi, Lohit, Rajesh, Vishal, and others also do a good job in their roles.

Character Development:

The characters of Shekar (Nagababu) and Kamala (Rohini), siblings, taking life-changing decisions in the spur of the moment without adequately establishing the magnitude of the rift, reduces the overall dramatic effect and emotional quotient.

Supporting Cast :

All of the actors, notably Rohini as Shoban Babu’s mother and Nagababu as Sridevi’s father, do a good job in their limited roles. Additionally competent actors include Mehboob Basha, Mohin, Nivedita Dolly, Venkatesh, Srinivas, Mrunalini, Sashi, Lohit, Rajesh, and Vishal.

Direction and Cinematography :

Filmmaking and Direction
Siddarth Ramaswamy handled the cinematography, and the movie was helmed by Prasanth Kumar Dimmala.


Movie is a romantic comedy that, overall, has its moments. Santosh Shobhan and Gouri G Kishan do well in their roles, but the film is a drag due to its inane comedy moments and lack of interest. If you enjoy romantic comedies, it’s worth watching, but don’t have high expectations.

In conclusion, “Story” has both advantages and disadvantages. The film’s plot, character development, and writing should have been better, despite the great actor performances. The movie has its moments of success but falls short of being an entertaining whole.


Sridevi ShobanBabu Movie CastRole
Gouri G KishanSridevi
Santosh ShobhanShoban Babu
NagababuShekar, Sridevi’s father
RohiniKamala, Shoban Babu’s mother
Mehboob BashaJai, Sridevi’s friend
MohinHamsa, Sridevi’s friend
Nivedita DollyLatha, Shoban Babu’s sister
VenkateshVeerabhadraiah, Latha’s husband
SrinivasSubramanyam, Shoban Babu’s friend
MrunaliniGouri, Shoban Babu’s friend
SashiLekha, Sridevi’s friend
LohitRavi, Sridevi’s friend
RajeshRajesh, Sridevi’s boss
VishalVishal, Rajesh’s friend
Sridevi ShobanBabu Movie Crew
DirectorPrasanth Kumar Dimmala
WriterJanardhana Maharshi
CinematographySiddarth Ramaswamy
EditorRavikanth Perepu
Art DirectorKiran Kumar Manne
Costume DesignerNikitha

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