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Thiruvin Kural

Thiruvin Kural


 Cast: Aathmika, Bharathiraja

 Director: Harish Prabhu

A Life-Altering Accident: Thiru’s Journey

The protagonist of the movie “Thiruvin Kural” is Thiru, a young guy who struggles with speech and hearing. His involvement in a construction site accident causes his life to drastically change. The plot of the film is on Thiru’s fight to save his injured father and save people close to him from a group of vicious hospital employees.

However, the writing is uneven throughout the movie, especially during the dramatic scenes. The protagonist’s character development fails to elicit empathy from the viewer, and significant narrative aspects are left open.

Despite these issues, Arulnithi and Bharathiraja give outstanding performances, and the movie has several exciting scenes and fascinating concepts. However, its lack of consistency and unanswered issues keep it from providing a pleasant overall experience.

Cast & Crew

Cast Character Social Links
Aathmika Bhavani Twitter
Bharathiraja Marimuthu, Thiru’s Father Twitter
Arulnithi Thiru Twitter
Subatra Robert Thiru’s Sister Twitter
Monekha Siva Sharmi Twitter
Mullai Arasi    
Ashraf Mallissery Lift Man  

Directed by Harish Prabhu
Writing Credits Harish Prabhu
Produced by A. Subaskaran
Music by Sam C.S.
Cinematography by Sinto Poduthas
Film Editing by Ganesh Siva

Inconsistent Writing

Thiru, a speech- and hearing-impaired character in “Thiruvin Kural,” encounters a life-altering incident following an accident at a construction site. In the film, he has difficulties while attempting to save his injured father and defend others from a bunch of nasty hospital employees. Sadly, the movie’s scripting is erratic, especially throughout the important scenes.

The protagonist’s character development lacks the depth required to emotionally engage the viewer, and important story points remain unresolved. Despite these flaws, Arulnithi’s portrayal of Thiru and Bharathiraja in a supporting role both provide great performances. The movie also has several dramatic scenes and fascinating ideas. But it falls short of being a totally fulfilling due to its lack of cohesion and open-endedness.

Commendable Performances, but Missed Opportunities:

The film “Thiruvin Kural” chronicles the challenges of Thiru, a young man with speech and hearing impairments, following an accident on a construction job. He sets out on a journey to rescue his injured father and save others from a bunch of ruthless hospital employees. The writing is inconsistent throughout the entire film, yet there are some exciting moments and intriguing concepts. The protagonist’s character fails to arouse empathy in the viewer, and the audience is left with unresolved questions.

Despite these flaws, Arulnithi gives a strong performance as Thiru, while Bharathiraja’s supporting part gives the movie more substance. Cinematography and the ambiance soundtrack are passable but not very immersive. In the end, “Thiruvin Kural” fails to live up to its potential because of its erratic writing.


Q: What is the movie “Thiruvin Kural” about?
A: It revolves around a speech and hearing impaired young man named Thiru, whose life changes dramatically after an accident at a construction site.

Q: What challenges does Thiru face in the movie?
A: Thiru struggles to save his injured father and protect those around him from a ruthless gang of workers at a hospital.

Q: What are the strengths of “Thiruvin Kural”?
A: The performances, particularly Arulnithi’s portrayal of Thiru, and Bharathiraja’s supporting role, are commendable.

Q: What are the weaknesses of the film?
A: The writing is inconsistent, leaving important plot points unanswered and hindering the development of the protagonist’s character.

Q: Does the movie have intense sequences and intriguing ideas?
A: Yes, it offers some intense moments and interesting concepts.

Q: Is the cinematography and background score immersive?
A: They are decent but not particularly immersive.

Q: Does “Thiruvin Kural” deliver a satisfying overall experience?
A: No, the lack of coherence and unresolved questions detract from the overall experience.

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