Thodelu (Bhediya)


Thodelu (Bhediya)


 Cast: Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon

 Director: Amar Kaushik

Welcome back, movie lovers! Today, I have an exciting film to review for you. Varun Dhawan, a star of Bollywood, tackles a novel idea in the movie Thodelu “Bhediya,” which Geetha Arts has remade and published as “Thodelu” in Telugu. This movie looks to be an exciting ride with Kriti Sanon as the female protagonist. So let’s get started with the review right now!

ibomma Rating: 3/5

Thodelu Cast and Crew:

Cast and Crew  
Starring Varun Dhawan
  Kriti Sanon
  Abhishek Banerjee
  Deepak Dobriyal
  Paalin Kabak
Director Amar Kaushik
Producer Dinesh Vijan
Music Director Sachin – Jigar
Cinematography Jishu Bhattacharjee
Editor Sanyukta Kaza

Thodelu Movie Story

The story centres on Bhaskar (Varun Dhawan), a road contractor and civil engineer who wins a project to build a road through the dense woods of Arunachal Pradesh. Bhaskar changes into a beast as a result of receiving a wolf bite. He visits veterinarian Anika (Kriti Sanon) for care. The film investigates Bhaskar’s prospects for normalcy as well as the obstacles he must overcome. You must see the movie to get the answers!

Plus Points

Unique Concept

The idea behind the movie Thodelu being the first monster comedy in India is really commendable. Exploring this unexplored region was a courageous move made by the creators, and it was successful.

Spot-On Casting

It was a wise choice to involve a popular actor like Varun Dhawan in this discussion. His representation of suffering and physical change in Bhaskar is praiseworthy, and his performance is deserving of awards. As Anika, Kriti Sanon gives a strong performance that shines.

Thrilling Moments

There are some perfectly performed exciting scenes and moments throughout the movie. These maintain viewer interest throughout the film.

Entertainment Quotient

With its comic segments, the movie strikes a good balance and offers enough of enjoyment. The humour throughout the film will make you laugh till your sides hurt in both half, making for an enjoyable experience.

Abhishek Banerjee’s Comedy

As Bhaskar’s cousin, Abhishek Banerjee, renowned for playing serious parts, has the opportunity to show off his comedic side. He does a great job in the part, making people laugh with his facial expressions and words.

Minus Points

Slow Pace

There are times when the movie drags, and a few scenes should have been cut to keep the story moving forward. It is only during the pre-climax that the pace quickens.

Lack of Depth

While the first half of the movie does a good job of setting up the plot, the second half loses some of its complexity. The movie’s main twist should have been handled better because the inclusion of a few scenes made it obvious.

Routine Ending

The movie starts to feel a little conventional towards the conclusion, which slightly lessens the overall effect. In addition, some of the violence, especially in the early half, could be grating to witness.

Technical Aspects

The 3D and VFX work in the film is excellent, and several moments have spectacular aesthetics. The Sachin-Jigar background soundtrack completes these effects and improves the viewing experience. The film’s visual appeal is enhanced by Jishu Bhattacharjee’s exquisite photography, which perfectly depicts the forest and gorgeous settings of Arunachal Pradesh.

The story’s director, Amar Kaushik, earns praise for skillfully combining entertainment and a social message. While he effectively inserts a social message, the crucial twist and the second half should have been handled with greater care to increase the overall impact of the movie.


In conclusion, “Thodelu” is a one-time-watchable movie that entertains while also delivering a societal message. The film’s key assets are Varun Dhawan’s outstanding performance, the comedic moments, and the supporting cast. The movie stumbles, though, with sporadic sluggishness, predictability, and a weak second half. However, the comedy and message in the movie make it a good see this weekend.

ibomma Rating: 3/5


Q: Is “Thodelu” a horror film?

A: “Thodelu” is not a scary movie, to be honest. It is a creature-comedy thriller that offers a distinctive combination of features to captivate the spectator.

Q: How is Varun Dhawan’s performance in the film?

A: Varun Dhawan’s portrayal as Bhaskar is deserving of recognition. His portrayal of the character is quite nuanced, and he skillfully conveys the suffering and physical change necessary for the part.

Q: Does the film have a social message?

A: “Thodelu” does indeed weave a social message into its plot. Amar Kaushik, the director, expertly blends the message into the story, giving it depth.

Q: Are the comedy scenes in the film enjoyable?

A: Definitely! The movie has a good amount of humour in both of its parts, giving the audience enough amusement to keep them interested. Kriti Sanon, Abhishek Banerjee, and Varun Dhawan are all excellent in their individual humorous parts.

Q: Is the film suitable for family audiences?

A: “Thodelu” is indeed appropriate for family audiences. However, there are a few violent sequences that can be too severe for younger viewers, especially in the early half.

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