Ugram Ibomma

Ugram Ibomma



 Cast: Allari Naresh, Mirnaa

 Director: Vijay Kanakamedala

  1. Hey there, movie buffs! Allari Naresh’s latest film Ugram, directed by Vijay Kanakamedala, hit the screens recently. The movie has garnered a lot of attention since its announcement, and I am here to give you my honest review of this action thriller.

Cast and Crew:

Let’s take a short peek at the Ugram Ibomma cast and crew before moving on to the review. While Mirnaa Menon portrays the female main character Aparna, Allari Naresh plays the male lead part of Shiva Kumar. Additionally, Indraja and Sharath Lohitashwa play significant roles. Vijay Kanakamedala is the director, and Sahu Garapati and Harish Peddi are the producers. The soundtrack was written by Sri Charan Pakala, while Siddharth J was in charge of the filming. Chota K Prasad is responsible for the editing.


Shiva Kumar, a devoted police officer, and his family are the centre of attention in Ugram. Shiva’s wife Aparna is not pleased with him since he works so much of the time. In the meantime, there are several kidnappings in the city, and Shiva’s inquiry into the crimes causes issues for his family. Aparna makes the decision to leave him, and while travelling, an accident takes place, leaving Aparna and their daughter lost. The film chronicles Shiva’s investigation into the circumstances surrounding his family’s abduction and the kidnappings.

Plus Points:

The performance of Allari Naresh in Ugram ibomma is excellent. He did a great job of sincere and intensely playing the part of a cop. His fight scenes are especially impressive. The movie’s first half is beautifully done, with a few sequences handled in an intelligent and impactful way. Mirnaa Menon also performed admirably in her part. The action moments in the film are elevated by Sri Charan Pakala’s soundtrack.

Minus Points:

The handling of the movie’s focal topic, the kidnappings case, is its biggest flaw. The investigative viewpoint is very typical and lacks any real power. Both the villain’s persona and the conclusion are weakly written. The great parts of the movie’s second half are outweighed by the formulaic plot. The character of Indraja is ineffective.

Technical Aspects:

The music of Sri Charan Pakala is good, with a few lovely songs and a strong background backdrop. The gloomy frames in Siddharth’s film work well with the mood of the story. Editing is good. The quality of the production is good. Conversations may have been improved.


Ugram ibomma is a passable action thriller that is good for a single viewing. The performance of Allari Naresh and the film’s technical accomplishments make it worthwhile to watch. Although the formulaic plot might not be to everyone’s taste, if you enjoy action thrillers, you should give it a shot.

Ugram Ibomma Cast and Crew Table:

Role Name
Directed by Vijay Kanakamedala
Writing Credits (in alphabetical order) Vijay Kanakamedala (screenplay), Abburi Ravi (dialogue), Toom Venkat (story)
Cast (in credits order) Allari Naresh, Mirnaa, Manikanta Varanasi, Indraja, Sharath Lohitashwa, Koushik Mahata, Naga Mahesh, Ramesh Reddy, Sreenivasa Sayee, Shatru
Produced by Sahu Garapati, Harish Peddi
Music by Sricharan Pakala
Cinematography by Siddarth Jadhav
Film Editing by Chota K. Prasad
Production Design by Brahma Kadali
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Bobby Bandigupthapu (Co-director)
Music Department Shammah J. Marcus (Programmer / Recording Engineer / Score Editor / musician)


Q: Who are the lead actors in the movie Ugram?
A: Allari Naresh and Mirnaa Menon are the lead actors in Ugram Ibomma.

Q: When was Ugram released?
A: Ugram Ibomma was released on May 05, 2023.

Q: Who is the director of Ugram?
A: Vijay Kanakamedala is the director of Ugram.

Q: Is Ugram based on true events?
A: Yes, Ugram Ibomma is also based on true events just like the director and actor’s previous film Naandhi.

Q: What is the story of Ugram?
A: Ugram Ibomma is about a sincere cop named Shiva Kumar who falls in love with Aparna, but his job brings problems to his family. Aparna and their daughter go missing, and Shiva Kumar sets out to solve the mystery.

Q: What is the rating given by ibomma for Ugram?
A: 3/5.

Q: Who produced Ugram?
A: Sahu Garapati & Harish Peddi are the producers of Ugram Ibomma.

Q: How is Allari Naresh’s performance in Ugram?
A: Allari Naresh’s performance in Ugram is commendable, and he gives a fantastic performance as a cop.

Q: Is the villain’s character well-written in Ugram?
A: No, the villain’s character is poorly written in Ugram.

Q: What are the technical aspects of Ugram?
A: Sri Charan Pakala’s music, Siddharth’s cinematography, and the production values are good in Ugram. However, the editing and dialogues could have been better.


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