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Vela Movie



Cast: Shane Nigam, Sunny

Vela Movie (2023) is a recent Malayalam film that debuted on November 11, 2023. Ranjith Sankar, who also wrote and directed Punyalan Agarbathies in 2013 and Premam in 2015, is the film’s writer and director.

Vela Malayalam Movie (2023)

The film Vela was produced by Anto Joseph, Mukesh R. Mehta, and Vinod Shornur and is based on the original script by Ranjith Sankar. Jomon T. John handled the film’s photography, and Vivek Harshan and Ranjith Sankar handled the editing. Gopi Sundar composed the soundtrack for the film.

The production companies of the movie are Anto Joseph Film Company and Magic Frames, and the movie is distributed by Anto Joseph Film Company (Kerala), Dil Raju Production Company (Telugu), and Dil Raju Production Company (Kannada). The official runtime of the movie is 135 minutes, and the reported budget of the movie is ₹10 crores. The main characters from the movie are Kayal Anandhi as Vela, Asif Ali as Jayan, and Sreenivasan as Velayudhan. There is a total of 5 songs from the movie.

Vela Movie Songs

The debut song from the movie is Paathakal sung by Haricharan with a length of 4.26 minutes.

Bambadiyo, sung by Sam CS and Antony Dhaasan, is the second song from the film and lasts 3 minutes.

Huppa Huiya, sung by Sam CS, is the fourth song from the film, which has a duration of 3.50 minutes.

Ram Siya Ram Music, the film’s fifth and final song, is performed by Sam CS and lasts 4.19 minutes.

These songs from the film together run for 15.35 minutes.

Please note that I have used the information you have provided, but I have not been able to find any information about the third song from the film.

Vela Movie Release Date (2023)

Vela is a crime thriller movie that revolves around the story of a police officer who is on a mission to solve a complex case. It was released on November 10, 2023 and received mixed reviews from critics. The film features Shane Nigam, Sunny Wayne, and Aditi Balan in key roles, delivering commendable performances. The movie’s direction and screenplay were highly praised for their realism and thrilling narrative, adding to the overall appeal of the film.

With a runtime of 135 minutes, Vela captivated audiences with its engaging storyline, realistic portrayal of police work, and powerful performances. It performed well at the box office, grossing ₹10 crores worldwide. Overall, Vela is a gripping and well-made crime thriller that is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Unique Elements/Entertainment Value/Thought-Provoking Themes:

  • Vela is a realistic and gritty portrayal of police work in Kerala.
  • The film features a strong female lead in the form of Aditi Balan, who plays a police officer who is just as capable as her male counterparts.
  • The film explores themes of corruption, power abuse, and the human cost of crime.

Overall, Vela is a well-made and entertaining crime thriller that is sure to appeal to fans of the genre.

Vela Movie Cast & Crew

Movie NameVela
Movie Release Date2023-11-10
Movie Based onOriginal script
GenresCrime, thriller
Movie QualityHD
Movie Star NameShane Nigam, Sunny Wayne, Aditi Balan
Movie Running Time135 minutes
Movie Director NameRanjith Sankar
Movie Producer NameAnto Joseph, Mukesh R. Mehta, Vinod Shornur
Movie Music ByGopi Sundar
Movie Cinematography NameJomon T. John
Movie Edited ByVivek Harshan, Ranjith Sankar
Movie Production Company NameAnto Joseph Film Company, Magic Frames
Movie Distributed ByAnto Joseph Film Company (Kerala), Dil Raju Production Company (Telugu), Dil Raju Production Company (Kannada)
LocationKerala, India

Frequently Asked Questions about Vela Movie

Q: When will Vela Movie (2023) be released?

A: Vela Movie (2023) will be released on November 10, 2023.

Q: Who wrote the screenplay for Vela Movie (2023)?

A: Ranjith Sankar wrote the screenplay for Vela Movie (2023).

Q: Who directed Vela (2023)?

A: Ranjith Sankar directed Vela (2023).

Q: Who produced Vela (2023)?

A: Anto Joseph, Mukesh R. Mehta, and Vinod Shornur produced Vela (2023).

Vela Movie Budget

According to rumors, the entire estimated budget of Vela (2023) is believed to be about ₹10 crores.

By the way, you are fully aware that any picture can only be considered a success if it makes more than its budget. According to the trailer, Vela (2023) is now quite popular. If we go by the trailer, we may anticipate a large box office haul for this flick. Because the plot of this film is intriguing and is based on an original script.

Vela Malayalam Movie Review & Rating

Audiences and critics gave the film Vela (2023) mixed reviews.

On IMDb, almost 5,000 people rated this film 6.5 stars out of 10 stars, which are pretty average from viewers.

On Rotten Tomatoes, 60% of reviewers rated this movie fresh, and 70% of users rated it positive, resulting in mixed from critics and positive from audiences.

How to Watch Vela Movie

The Vela (2023) film is now in Kerala, India, and if you want to see it, you must travel to the nearest theater where the film is playing. You may use BookMyShow or Google Maps to discover the nearest theater where the film is playing and buy tickets online or in person. If you still can’t find a theater near you where the film is playing, you’ll have to wait till it’s available on an OTT platform.

Overall, Vela (2023) is a mixed bag. It has some good elements, such as a strong female lead and a realistic portrayal of police work, but it also suffers from some flaws, such as a predictable plot and uneven pacing. If you’re a fan of crime thrillers, it’s worth checking out, but don’t go in with high expectations.

Vela Movie OTT Release

The OTT distribution rights of the movie were sold to Amazon Prime Video, and once the movie is launched on the platform, you only need to purchase an Amazon Prime subscription to view and download the Vela (2023) movie through the movie’s official OTT partner.

Please note that the release date of the movie on OTT has not yet been announced.


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