Vidudhala Ibomma




 Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, soori


 Director: Vetrimaaran

The difficulties of caste politics in India are examined in Vidudhala Part 1, a Tamil political drama. The Vijay Sethupathi-led movie celebrates the fortitude and bravery of people who resist oppression while highlighting the horrible realities of caste-based violence.

Vidudhala Movie Review:

Vijay Sethupathi and Soori play the main characters in Vetrimaaran’s Tamil political drama Vidudhala Part 1. In addition to showing the power dynamics, corruption, and unfairness that exist inside the system, the movie digs into the nuances of caste politics in modern India. In this review, we’ll look at the movie’s good points and bad points and evaluate how it affected Tamil cinema.

As the Dalit activist Velu, Vijay Sethupathi gives a memorable performance. Velu fights against the institutionalized discrimination against his community. He captures the spirit of resistance and bravery that fuels Velu’s fight by acting the part with a raw passion and emotional depth. As Velu’s buddy and ally, Soori strikes a good balance between gravity and levity, bringing some humor to the film’s serious subject matter. Raashi Khanna is convincing in her part as the ruthless and powerful politician, personifying the conceit and entitlement of those in positions of authority.

Plot and Themes:

The central conflict of the movie is Velu’s fight against the prejudice and brutality that his community has to endure. He engages in conflict with a dishonest politician who stands for the repressive forces who want to keep things as they are. The movie emphasises the intricate web of caste politics, where privilege, social hierarchy, and systemic discrimination are all intertwined.

It clarifies the gruesome facts of caste-based violence, including its effects on the lives of Dalits and other marginalised populations and its sexual assault and murder rates. Inspiring optimism for change, the movie also honours the tenacity and bravery of individuals who resist oppression.

Cinematography and Music:

Vidudhala Part 1 has outstanding cinematography, with P.S. Vinod’s images brilliantly capturing the tenor and mood of the narrative. Natural lighting and subdued hues produce a grungy, realistic mood that supports the film’s themes. Maestro Ilaiyaraaja’s score enhances the effect of the narrative with its evocative instrumentals and mournful melodies, giving the movie depth and passion.


Powerful and thought-provoking, Vidudhala Part 1 highlights significant issues regarding caste, politics, and social justice in India. For anyone interested in Tamil cinema or societal issues, it is a must-watch. It also serves as a testament to Vetrimaaran’s skill as a director.

The movie’s message is unwavering and obvious, challenging viewers to face the difficult truths about the society we live in even though the pacing can be a little slow at times. Overall, Vidudhala : Part 1 is a call to action for social change and a deserving addition to the pantheon of political film.


Certainly, here’s a table of the casts and crew of Vidudhala Part 1 based on the information provided on its Wikipedia page:

Vidudhala Movie CastRole
Vijay SethupathiVelu
Raashi KhannaNethra
Bhavani SreBhagyalakshmi
NasserDurai Raj
Hari KrishnanLingam
Bava ChelladuraiChinnasamy
ProducersElred Kumar, Lalit Kumar
CinematographyP.S. Vinod
EditorR. Ramar
Production companyRS Infotainment
DistributorAmazon Prime Video

Note: This table may not be exhaustive and may not include all the cast and crew of the film.

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