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Virgin Story

Virgin Story


 Cast: Vikram Sahidev, Sowmika Pandiyan


 Director: Pradip Atluri

The movie Virgin Story follows two young people who try to have a one-night stand, but the attempts are neither cute nor hilarious. The film is dull and unentertaining because of the script’s lack of focus and the predictable comic moments.

virgin story Movie Review:

A one-night encounter with a random stranger is the perfect way to get even with a cheating boyfriend! A buddy explains as such to Anushka (Soumika). She then goes to a pub and chooses Vikram, also known as Virat (Vikram Saahidev), a loser-type of person, to have s*x with him that evening. But while they look for a location to have s*x, the night gives them bizarre events. Will they be able to leave that evening? Will they violate their ‘no feelings’ rule.

Artistes’ Performances:

Vikram Saahidhev has already been in a few films, thus he is skilled at carrying himself properly. He is appropriate for the role of a modern child. Despite the fact that it is a standard part, Vikram Saahidhev portrays it with sincerity. Sowmika Pandiyan, a newcomer, barely leaves an impression. Many comedians show up, but none of them have any effect.

Technical Excellence:

Two upbeat songs have been contributed by Achu Rajamani. The songs “Baby I’m In Love” and “Manasa Lede Ninnala Ee Roje” stand out (this one is particularly nice). Production values and cinematography are respectable.


  • Manasa Lede Ninnala song
  • A couple of moments


  • Weak direction
  • Lack of interesting scenes
  • No emotional core
  • Romantic scenes are pale


Two young people looking for a place to have a one-night stand make up the entire plot of Virgin Story. The majority of the movie takes place at night, just like the novel. The child’s attempts at having s*x are in no way romantic. They don’t even produce laughter. Only the boy and girl are seen moving from a lodge to a hotel to a terrifying house for the whole first half of the movie. They must have seemed like comedic sequences to the director. However, the supposedly humorous sequences irritate rather than amuse.

The girl only wanted to test it out once with a guy before forgetting about it. They therefore decide not to exchange phone numbers, learn one other’s names, or experience feelings. Even though they had a “No Names, No Emotions” rule, we all knew how the movie would finish. The climax comes as no surprise. When you choose a story like this, the writers and the director should concentrate on the script and the scenes. Virgin Story, however, struggles in this area.

One crazy night turns out to be an endlessly dull night. The evening was filled with predictable comic scenarios, including a hotel manager making jokes about showing rooms or a police officer getting into a fight with a couple.

Why use dated and clichéd scenes to tell the story of a young, modern point (a one-night stand)? A little-understood romance between two lesbians is also depicted in the movie. Another ludicrous track involves an incident involving an auto driver and a middle-aged woman.

The movie’s brief running length and two songs are its strongest features. Overall, Virgin Story tackles modern issues but does so in an uninteresting and conventional way. Our tolerance wanes as the lead couple encounters numerous obstacles for the nightstand and their issues linger.

Bottom line: No Emotion, No Grip


Directed byPradip Atluri
Written byPradip Atluri (written by), Rajnikanth Kota (additional dialogue), Taranveer Singh (story)
CastVikram Sahidev as Vikram, Sowmika Pandiyan as Priyanshi, Rishika Khanna as Minty, Vineeth Bhavisetty as Amrinder Singh, Snehal Kamath as Lizzy, Anand Thakur as Piyush, Jayasri Rachakonda as Bama, Abhijit Deshpande as Shahman Khan, Raghu Kumar Karumanchi as Sugar Daddy, Jeeva as Sub Inspector, Rocket Raghava, Thagubothu Ramesh
Produced byRaghavendra Anna (executive producer), Lakhan Gunda (line producer), Gopichand Lagadapati (creative producer), Sirisha Lagadapati (producer), Sridhar Lagadapati (producer)
Music byAchu Rajamani
CinematographyAnish Tharun Kumar
Film EditingGarry Bh

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