Vishwak Movie




 Cast: Ajay Kumar, Darbha

 Director: Venu Mulkala

Vishwak Movie Rating: 3/5


Vishwak is a hard-hitting movie that appeals to today’s youth and is a source of pride for India. The film explores the lives of NRIs who are intent on helping other nations thrive while unintentionally leaving India to struggle with unemployment and poverty. It highlights the difficulties young people experience as a result of a lack of possibilities and the demands of politics and religion. A must-see movie that appeals to today’s youth is Vishwak.

Cast and Crew

Directed by Venu Mulkala
Writing Credits Venu Mulkala (writer)
Ramu Nunna (dialogue writer)
Ajay Kumar Kathurvar Hero
Rest of cast listed alphabetically
Darbha Appaji Ambarisha (as Appaji)
Likith Chennamaneni Overseas
Produced by Anandam Balakrishan Thatikonda (producer)
Music by SatyaSagar Pollam
Cinematography by Pradeep Dev (cinematography)

Plot Summary

Young graduate Vishwak (Ajay Kathurvar) desires to make a difference in his hometown. Vishwak is adamant on starting a business and giving back to his country, despite his father’s advice for him to seek a better life in the USA. He starts a new business with creative ideas and looks for investors. These investors, nevertheless, pressure him to apply his concepts abroad.

Vishwak uses the media to call for NRIs to return as he starts to see how they are contributing to India’s underdevelopment. The reactions of NRIs and Vishwak’s outcomes are explored in the movie.

Performances and Technical Aspects

With his line delivery, emotions, and potent acting, Ajay Kathurvar turns in a truly outstanding performance that perfectly captures the spirit of the picture. He shows off his acting potential by carrying the movie on his shoulders. Ajay is attractive because to his charm and resemblance to Vijay Devarakonda. A number of new actors who offer their best performances are also featured in the movie.

The music in This Movie is a standout feature, with songs that perfectly suit the storyline and a background score that brings the scenes to life. Satya Sagar Pollam, the musical director, weaves his magic to produce a remarkable musical experience. The movie’s dialogues are strong and elicit a variety of emotions.

The situations are expertly created and seem natural, and the impact is increased by sharp editing. The production qualities are respectable, and Pradeep Dev’s cinematography gives it a more authentic feel. The direction of Venu Malkala is superb and demonstrates his commitment and effort.


Q: Who are the main actors in Vishwak?

A: Ajay Kathurvar and Dimple are the main actors in this movie.

Q: Who directed Vishwak?

A: Venu Mulkala directed this movie.

Q: When was Vishwak released?

A: This Movie was released on 18th February 2022.


Every Indian should watch this movie. Director Venu illuminates the other viewpoint and serves as a reminder that change starts with everyone of us. This proud movie exhorts Indians to work towards a better country. It acts as a wake-up call, motivating us to accept responsibility and change the world. The intriguing and thought-provoking movie is not to be missed.

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